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Hype and the Hive Mind

The Hive Minds Choice™: Quantifying Hype and understanding its characteristics


Figure 1: objects of extreme hype in Louis Vuitton Runway SS19


What is the relationship between hype and memes?

First, we acknowledge that both hype and memes are decided by the hive mind. However they possess very different properties:

Hype ←  Timeless Spectrum



Early efforts to define the Timeless threshold

Related Observations



Figure 7: A millenial under the influence of societal hype. He is near the limit.[j]




do we have consensus on this strategy?

[b]i sign off on this 👌

[c]+1 to price variability, not key in pursuit of optimization

[d]in-depth measurements and charts in linked materials

[e]this is key

[f]need discussion on max hype and how it's distributed




This area needs to be discussed with Lab partners.

[i]Agree, should propose to the board

[j]limit is subjective, but here for illustrative purposes