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The Clean/Dank Spectrum

And managing the “sweet spot” threshold and the implications for business and product strategy at all scales

Reference Threshold model for considering cleanliness and dankness

Charting the spectrum:


Notes on the spectrum:

Example Vector:


The third dimension in this instance is time, which is critical in determining the speed of a given vector on the spectrum

New developments in this theory

Stankness (as discovered by Elon) itself is actually a key point on the spectrum, as it gives dank something to be related to. Dankness in and of itself may actually be the sweet spot. At least this point in time

Quote from Toby Shorin

Between the zone of normalcy and the zone of experimentation, there is a sweet spot[g]. Just outside what is considered normal yet familiar enough to be comprehended, this is where good marketers work. When Weiden Kennedy says they want to capture “lightning in a bottle” this is what they mean: to take something just outside of mainstream culture, aestheticize it, and turn it into marketing for a consumer product. It doesn’t matter how much of a commodity the product is—this works for makeup and sneakers as well as it does for high-performance cars.”

System thresholds

Building upon the stability principles (Fig. 1), we define the system thresholds (Fig. 2).

It is therefore imperative to know where the hump begins, so that you can carefully calibrate your speed and direction, such that you avoid falling into the valley.

Similarities to black holes: ensuring you do not pass the point on staleness.

Once you progress towards cleanliness, it is impossible to return to dankness. You can only move in one direction.



this is a discovery

[b]very key.

[c]key dicovery

[d]Hypothesis needs confirming

[e]wale found this

[f]what would the 3rd dimension be in our instance?

[g]"sweet spot" is a previously discussed phenomenon